Betting Strategy & Psychology

The ultimate guide to evaluating betting tipsters

Betting tipsters often promise high strike rates that will win you a fortune. Although the promise of big profits is alluring, how can you tell the difference between a profitable tipster and a salesman. Read on to find out the two factors you need to evaluate before you decide which expert picks to trust.

Learn the basics of an arbitrage betting strategy

Arbitrage betting is when a bettor uses a system that exploits differentials in odds for a specific market at two or more bookmakers. It guarantees the bettor a profit, as the combined odds produce a negative margin -€“ a margin in the bettor's favour. Continue reading to learn more about the basics of an arbitrage betting strategy.

Why your staking method is important 

There is a strong case to suggest the amount you bet is actually more important than what you bet on. We reviewed five popular staking methods. Discover which is best.

How Pinnacle's API can improve your betting

Pinnacle is renowned for offering great value and unbeatable odds. Additionally, there is another equally important, but lesser known free service we provide that offers bettors a potentially huge advantage – a betting API. Read on to find out the benefits of using a betting API and how to do it.

The hidden costs of betting exchanges

Betting exchanges offer bettors an alternative to the traditional bookmaker with the promise of better value, but how do they work and what are the hidden costs you should be aware of before deciding that they are the best deal for you? Read on to find out.