Betting Strategy & Psychology

How to separate information from noise

Opinion is free, but information is very expensive, which is a harsh reality for bettors who derive an edge from reacting to news before the odds do. In an ever-more digitally connected world the volume of free opinion is rising exponentially, bringing us to the point of a ‘post-truth’ era. So how do you separate the signal from the noise, and what does the recent US Election tell us about that?

The Kelly Criterion - A stock trader and betting expert’s perspective

Wisdom of the crowd insight - based on the Betting Resources list of most popular articles - underlines the perceived importance of staking methods. My experience echoes this, so when invited to contribute a betting strategy article, Kelly Criterion seemed both a natural choice and the perfect way to underline the relevance of what I learned on Wall Street and successfully applied to sports betting.

Graphs: The art of deception and how to spot it

The law of small numbers is a cognitive bias where people show a tendency to believe that a relatively small number of observations will closely reflect the general population. Read on to test your logical powers with the hospital quiz and find out how graphs can be misleading and what you can do to avoid losses when using stats to place your bets.

What are the realistic chances of success in sports betting?

With success stories of professional bettors living the good life all over the internet, how easy is it to get consistent profits in the sports markets? Joseph Buchdahl, who has evaluated over 100 tipsters in his career as a betting analyst, has the answer. Are winners perhaps overestimated? Read on to find out.

How information can improve your betting

Knowing about something before anyone else is the key to successful betting. Instead of wasting time with soccer betting tips, smart bettors will collate as much information as possible, analyse the impact it could have on the market and then bet accordingly. Information could change the way you bet and the results you get. Read on to find out why.