Pinnacle offers all players, affiliates and commercial partners direct access to our industry-leading odds through an API. Find out more about using our API and how it might benefit you. 

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is essentially a standardised set of code instructions which can be used to automate tasks like displaying dynamic information - such as our odds - or placing bets based on complex criteria - such as through a model - without ever having to visit our website.

Find out whether our API might benefit you by looking at these typical users, or to learn more read our Betting Resources article on API betting.

Typical API Users

If you are not sure whether the API may benefit you, here are the most typical users:

  • Odds Comparison Affiliate - Anyone running a website that compares our odds against competitors.
  • Professional Bettor - Any bettor that benefits from the fastest access to our odds and flexibility in placing automated bets.
  • Commercial Partner - Anyone that has a commercial opportunity based around use of our odds (special terms apply - see below).

The benefits of our API

The API offers instant access to our odds in real time, bringing the following significant benefits:

  • Faster betting - Bet straight through the API, with minimal delay, utilising complex criteria.
  • Convenience - We push the odds to you saving you both time and money.
  • Accuracy - Since this feed comes straight from Pinnacle you can rely on its accuracy.
  • Flexibility - The API gives you the flexibility to manipulate our odds however you see fit. 

How to get started

The feed is free to bettors and active affiliates. To gain access, users must:

  • Have a player or affiliate account
  • Have deposited or bet within the last 30 days

To get started read through our API instruction manual. 

Access our API

Please note that by using the Free Pinnacle API License you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. This means that your account usage will be monitored and in the cases where there is a lack of betting activity or volume the account could be suspended or restricted.

For Commercial Partners

If you are a software developer or a third-party commercial entity wishing to use the API or have any questions around commerical access then please contact
Examples of commercial use include, building of third party applications, odds compilation, risk or price management or any other data gathering or commercial enterprise.

Feedback on the API should be directed to, however, we do not offer technical support or instructions beyond the available manual.